Friday, January 2, 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Seeing, Naming My Transformations

Last night Crystal Blanton posted this quote on Facebook that got me thinking:

"My hips are too wide to pass through the narrow corridor of your mind"
-Chief Luisah Teish

This morning I was getting ready to go to the vigil for the 6th anniversary of Oscar Grant's death and couldn't help but notice that my hips have widened more and I am no longer the scrawny woman I was a few years ago. But I checked in the mirror and, yes, I liked what I saw there. (Damn, I've got nice curves!)

Last night I posted my New Year's Eve blogpost to Facebook and realized that this blog is in dire need of a name change. Something less diminutive. Something with strength. Something that demonstrates more of my stability and groundedness than the nomadicness I was feeling a few years ago.

I also feel the need to update the picture here that is actually from 5 years ago. There's more of me now. More depth, more hips, more power, more clarity, and maybe a few more gray hairs too. (Mmmm... and more love.)

There is no reason to take up less space, with my hips nor my words. In fact, there is every reason to take up more.

Dear 2015...

I promise to blog more, because I have a lot to say. I promise to do more for the kind of changes I want to see in the world. I promise to be less and less of what society thinks I should be as a woman/mom/disabled person, and more and more of what I want to be as a person, disability and all.

And, I will rename this blog for it's new incarnation and the new year...