Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Morning Update

This morning we got up early and, after all 3 cats got another dose of pain meds, rounded up Sparkle for her 2nd vet visit. Sparkle is the one the vet is most worried about. She is showing signs of possible brain damage, as she was shot in the head possibly more than once. But she was looking around and checking things out when we were waiting there this morning, definitely seeming more aware of her surroundings. Today she gets x-rays, fluids, and blood work. So, we'll know more after all that. Now it's time to go on with our normal day's routine, take care of Kuro and Twitch, and not fret too much over Sparkle until the vet calls.

We've gotten more donations since I posted last night. You all have given our kitties a total of $1,095.54. Plus the $200 we've put in, that meets the starting vet bill estimate. We're expecting the estimate to go up today after Sparkle's thorough check, so I will update about that when I hear more. It means so much to us to feel like we can help her rather than just have her put to sleep.

Really, truly, you all are amazing. The money, the love, it all helps.

Something that we realized last night is that we're giving all of our energy to the cats right now. We haven't been sleeping well since Sunday, and we have been having a hard time cooking, eating and cleaning. With both of our disabilities, we already have a hard time keeping up with things. The dogs aren't getting the attention they need and Terran is kind of bored (though incredibly helpful!). We splurged last night on take out, not something we can usually afford to do. We may be doing this for a while as Esa and I both deal daily with the extreme fatigue of fibromyalgia. We sincerely hope you all don't mind if we use some of the funds for easy food as well as gas to get to the vet clinic. (I'm talking taco truck cheap easy food, not fancy restaurants.) But we're also open to help with meals, gift certificates to local restaurants, or offers to help us clean the house and take care of the dogs. I do have someone I've hired to clean a few hours a week, though, too. (So looking forward to her being here this week!)

Meanwhile, Maia is away taking care of a best friend whose family just had to put their dog down due to advanced cancer. They were, strangely, at the vet clinic at the same time as us yesterday. So much animal companion pain going on right now.

Good morning Sparkle. Time to go back to the vet...

Twitch has found a comfy place to rest under our bed.

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  1. I should add that the $1200 estimate included a lot of number smudging because the vet clinic staff felt so sad about what happened and know we live on a limited income. Good people work there. Our babies are in good & loving hands.