Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vet Check Up Day

Today we took Kuro and Sparkle back to the vet to check on Sparkle's eye and to get Kuro's pain meds patch removed. Just before we got the cats in their boxes, Kuro got the cone off of herself. She used the time in the car to thoroughly bathe.

Inside the vet office, we took each cat out to be weighed (they've both lost weight, understandably). Afterwards, Sparkle was still on the table when she noticed the painting of a cat hanging on the wall. She hid behind her carrier, wide eyed, before slowly peeking up over the top. Then she slowly crept around the side of the carrier, watching that cat on the wall very closely. Well, as closely as she could, considering she probably can only see clearly out of one eye. Her right eye has been full of blood intermittently, and today she actually had it open fully so we could see how bad the rest of it still looked. The doctor gave us more pain meds for her as well as a round of antibiotic eye ointment.

Kuro, in the short time she'd had her cone off, managed to pull a couple stitches open, but not too bad. The clinic staff got the cone back on her. We got more pain meds for her as well. She has 9 days left till stitches are removed.

Our vet bill has now passed $1500 total.

Today I finally got the chance to talk to the Oakland PD sergeant who handles animal violence investigations, so progress is being made on that front now too. Right now I have paperwork to file an official report, as I guess the vet clinic didn't do that part.

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