Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday Morning Update

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We picked up Sparkle (mama cat) from the vet last night and I didn't get a chance to post a full update on how that went.

They gave her fluids since she hasn't been drinking water. The bloodwork all looked good and the only abnormalities were in line with her being dehydrated. The nurses said she was "feisty" and fought with them, but would relax when she got pets. (We warned them that she prefers to be called "fabulous" and "beautiful" - not "pretty" - and loves to be admired.)

They sedated her for the x-ray. The x-ray showed a metal pellet just under the skin in her right cheek, so they made a small incision to remove it. The doctor showed it to us and said they'd hold onto it for the report to OPD's animal services. The dr explained that the pellet went in the top of her head, through the bone, around her eyeball and landed in the cheek. There's blood actually inside her eyeball, so we have to wait and see how that heals to know if she'll need it removed or not and if she'll be able to see ok or not. They've got her on antibiotics, pain meds, and anti-inflammatory meds.

We'll find out Wednesday next week what the long term prognosis is for Sparkle, but we're definitely out of the waters of whether or not she's going to live through this (huge sigh of relief). It also doesn't appear that she's significantly brain damaged, but she obviously can't see well and is still confused and not eating.

As we said goodbye to the vet, she said to Sparkle "Congratulations, you just survived a gunshot to the head."

On our way out we made the appointment for Kuro's eye surgery for next Tuesday. The estimate for the surgery is $650-800. Until then we need to watch Kuro for any signs of infection.

I just did the round of pain meds for the morning. Sparkle can tell when I'm approaching but doesn't seem to have a clear view of what is coming at her. She sniffs at food and relaxes when I pet her, but still no eating. I'm going to try some syringe feeding with her today. Kuro is staying solidly put in her carrier but received pets and meds graciously. Twitch has been wandering around the house like she's just checking where everything is, but prefers her spot on my suitcase under our bed. She fought as Esa & I teamed up to give her pain meds and the fresh scratches she put on my arm still sting.

The donations made directly to Esa & I or directly to the vet clinic have totaled $2300. Kuro's previous daddies have raised an additional $485 on their gofundme page. Some of you have told us to go ahead and use the money as we see fit, so here's our plan: All vet costs will be paid, easy to eat/ premade foods on busy days, gas to and from the clinic, a couple trips to the laundromat since our dryer broke right before all this happened and kitties need clean towels, and whatever the kitties will need for long term comfort and care as a result of this incident. We plan to donate the excess funds back to the SPCA or put them towards any other neighborhood cats that are targeted by whoever did this. (If anyone else's cats are victimized, we will add them to our fundraiser and updates.)

Much love and gratitude to all of you.

(Sparkle enjoying a bellyrub from Esa this morning.)

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