Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Operation: Inside Cat Enticements

Now that things are slowing down and we have a better idea of all of this will play out for our kitties, it's time to focus on keeping them inside and happy. Sparkle and Twitch have been inside cats since they came to live with us last summer, but Inari and Kuro are used to having lots of outside time and are both rather cranky with the new arrangement.

Our long term plan is to build an outside cat enclosure, or catuary, that they can access through a window. But, until then, we needed something. So we found some really great windowsill cat perches. First we just bought one and put it up today. Inari and Kuro both tested it out and completely approved. So, then, we went back and got two more. They attach to the windowsill with a velcro strip that you stick onto the sill. They also have removable washable covers. (Bonus points!) They were also cheaper than the carpet covered window perches that require putting holes in the walls. Then we bought them more treats, catnip, and those cardboard scratchers. Twitch loves the scratchers!

I know it's going to be hard for Inari and Kuro to adjust, but I think they'll be happy with the catuary.

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  1. I realize it's probably too late to matter in this instance, but with the velcro ones it's imperative that you wash the sill thoroughly before you stick on the velcro so that the glue gets a good solid adhesive grip. The cats will never trust it again if it gives way and drops them, no matter how you attach it.