Saturday, March 22, 2014

On The Mend

I took a small break from updating here because I got a little overwhelmed when the week caught up with me and all I could do Friday was cry and cry and cry even more.

Kuro had urgent eye surgery on Friday because the swelling had gotten worse and there was a high risk of infection. She's now home and resting in her box (the cat carrier). She mostly sleeps, but is also eating and drinking water. She purrs when she's touched and really just wants peace and quiet. She will be our one-eyed cat. Perhaps we will call her Captain Kuro...

Sparkle is still doing a lot of sleeping but she is looking so much better. When she looks at me now, I see two clear eyes peering out, though she seems to still be working on focusing. She walks around the house, insists on eating in the bathroom and talks and enjoys the love we give her. We still have her on pain meds & anti-inflammatories but I suspect she won't need them much longer. I am wondering if this incident might have mellowed out her high and mighty diva personality just a bit.

Twitch is beginning to be up to her old tricks. She knocks things off the kitchen counter and tries to jump into the cat food bin. She cuddles up with me and has her incredibly adorable whisper-meow back! We almost have our crazy, chip-fiending, lunatic kitten again! She hasn't wanted to play with Nutmeg, her bunny friend, and he seems a bit put off by her absence, but I suspect she'll be ready to play again soon. She's off the pain meds and definitely out of the shock state where she spent most of the week.

On Friday when we picked up Kuro, the nurse told us she had sent a picture of the bullet taken out of Sparkle's face to a friend of hers in forensics (and animal services maybe?). Her friend said it was from a .22 rifle with a scope, shot from long range. I've done a little research online and had confirmation from a friend that this seems to be true. Our house happens to sit on a hill that goes down towards Peralta Creek. On the other side of the creek is a shady neighborhood that gives me the creeps. The way that everything sits, parts of our house and backyard (and our neighbors' houses and yards) are in view of the apartments across the creek. The rest is blocked by trees. I am wondering if the shots came from over there. That brings the creepy neighborhood a bit closer.

It's getting too close. We need to move.

The nurse also congratulated me on my blog. The clinic is proud of us for finding a way to pay for our cat's care. This wouldn't have been so successful without all of you. My gratitude is abundant.

Friday night we finally headed out to get some dinner away from the house and do our laundry. We had our first nice dinner date out in months, which unfortunately ended with getting in a fight with a gas station attendant who seemingly enjoys picking on disabled people. The laundry didn't get done. But bit by bit everything is getting better. I can't wait to get entirely past this horrid episode, take with me the lessons, and have more years with our sweet feline companions. I shudder to think what we would have had to do without your help.

I will update with pictures soon. Maybe not of Kuro yet, even though she is looking better.

Blessings & love to all of you...

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