Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Bit About Love

Some horrible disturbed person or people hurt my family's beloved kitties. The rage you and I both feel over this comes from a place of love. That love is why you are helping us pay for the kitties' care and recovery. The love we feel for our kitties will guide them through the healing process. They all came home knowing they were safe here in our love. Whoever is responsible for their pain and injuries isn't getting this kind of love and community support that we have.

Imagine what could transform if we all turned our rage to love and sent that energy to their attacker(s).

I've always done my best to lead a life guided by love and compassion. Not as a weakness, but as a strength. As others offered violence as resolution, I struggled inside to come to terms with everything. Yes, my fur-babies are hurting. Yes, whoever did this needs serious help. But the most effective help won't be an eye for an eye. It will be the flower placed in the barrel of the gun. It will be love.

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