Friday, November 15, 2013

Ode to This Moment

By gentle light I knit quietly,
To not disturb the sleeping lover.
Loyal black cat Hektar lounges 
Across my right arm.
Old dog Biscuit at my feet, 
Cleaning in her thorough way.
New cat to the urban homestead,
Kuro, underneath the bed
Occasional low growl makes her known.
I knit the first half of
The Marian tunic from Interweave Knits.
Knit in the yarn from the old lady,
The spinner in Santa Cruz.
I remember the night,
Loading the van, boxes of fiber,
Delicious unspun fibers,
And wonderius handspun yarns.
Like Christmas gifts from an old
Fellow fiber artist I'd never known in life.
Is it handspun?
If it is, amazingly so.
I washed it and washed it
Painstakingly Untangled and wound up.
Finally it becomes something,
For me. 
The pattern seems simple
But the first few rows of mesh
Are awkward at best.
Now I've got the hang of it,
So long as I'm not half asleep knitting.
The yarn is undyed, natural,
And vibrant purple dye awaits it.
The first half is almost done,
Exciting to watch it take form.
Guilt to be knitting for me,
When others want hats and sweaters.
And Terran who waits patiently
For a promised dice bag and
A sweater for his stuffed pig Decarte.
But knitting for me is good
For all I put out to others.
A lesson more women 
Could use to take in.
Coffee and cream
Fuel my early morning session.
Too soon it will be time
To rush out the door.
But just for now,
Knitting, coffee and kitty snuggles.