Saturday, October 20, 2012

Is This Thing Still On?

I am pulling this blog from its near death. Maybe I can get back to sharing my experiences as a queer, pagan, disabled single parent and urban homesteader... And maybe someone will even want to read it!

To update from where we left off, I am doing amazingly, physically. I'm managing the pain from the spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia using acupuncture and massage along with my meds. I'm walking! And I don't usually limp, unless I've been super stressed and haven't been in for acupuncture (pincushion therapy) in a while. Yay!

I've been looking for a bigger house in Oakland/ Berkeley to expand into a communal house. We're losing time, too, as Teresa arrives in only a few days!

What inspired me to breathe new life into this blog was a friend's post on Facebook about "mom blogs" and how "perfect" and so much not like her reality they are. So I'm committed to steering this blog of mine in the direction of "this shit is real," a blog about the real life of a hippy dippy, sorta punk, queer, Pagan, disabled, single parent who is also a "radical homemaker" urban homesteader and just trying to get through all this without losing hir true self or hir mind.

I've got two kids, which you might know. My oldest is a strong-willed, almost 14 year old, clever and queer punk child. She came into this world with self righteous exuberance and she has never really stopped telling me how it is. My youngest is the quieter model: a quirky and geeky 11 year old on the autism spectrum who has the most insightful gems to speak, sometimes delivered in those "just took a big drink of coffee that will now shoot out my nose" moments. I love them. They are all the beauty and wonderfulness I could have asked for. They are strange like their mama. They also cause me to keep dark chocolate and red wine therapy on hand.

I've recently also become "on call mama" to a 15 year old queer foster child who does dishes without complaining and chronically runs away.

The animal count here at the homestead is as such these days: 1 almost 2 year old hyper cattle dog, 2 ten year old black cats like cranky old men, 1 white flame point kitten who is like an evil Tigger, 1 cranky & evil dwarf bunny, and 3 chickens (only one of which actually lays eggs). I don't believe in sweet and docile children OR animals.

Over the summer I canned a ton of plums and pears, mostly in "preserves" form. I wish I'd blogged about it, but I do have a few bags of plums left in the freezer. I also had my veggie garden ransacked by an opossum and then further mutilated by my disobedient chickens. Still left is tomatoes and we got a few squash, bush beans and a small pumpkin out of it first. I want to clean up the mess and plant winter veggies but we're trying to move, so it feels like a wasted effort.

Today I drive to Coarsegold for the wedding of two friends, Tristan & Kyle, so I'll end here and go work on getting ready for the trek. Hopefully I'm able to keep this thing going, share recipes, crafts and crazy kid stories. We'll see. Maybe I'll tell you about the divorce Pinterest board I amuse myself thinking about...