Friday, January 20, 2012

Video Killed The Blog Star?

In the summer of 1995, I was 18 and I'd just graduated from high school. I got a video camera as a graduation present and wanted to be a filmmaker.

Now going through this footage and making a series of short videos has distracted me from blogging. So I will share the videos here on my blog for those of you who aren't seeing my Facebook link posts.

Tower Kids 1: Going on a walk with my friends Jonathan, Rick & Leah. Destination was the Fresno Center for Nonviolence where the LGBTQ youth group met.

Tower Kids 2: A video collage of the Tower District, including hanging out at Java Cafe, Tower Drug, and the incredibly cool blue house I lived in with my mom & brother that has since burned down.

No One's Watching: More video collage of the Tower kids. This song makes me think of that time period and the questioning, challenging, discovery and self-consciousness of youth.

Tower Kids 3: More video collage of that summer. I think my editing skills are improving. I got a lot of happy accidents and perfect moments working on this one. (And I have always wanted to use this song for these videos!)

I'm learning a lot as I go through this process about video editing. I do need a new way to get the videos off the camera and on to my laptop. Right now I am pulling them off the camera by recording the video into a file on a desktop PC and then burning them to disc and converting them using a program called handbrake on my mac laptop. I figured out that the sound and video quality is going down significantly in the recording process on the PC, so I am looking for a new method. What I need is a way to plug the camera via USB into one of my mac laptops somehow. I found a cord that theoretically fit to connect them but my laptop didn't recognize the device. Maybe someone out there in Blogger reading land has some advice for me...

I am also reconnecting with people I have lost touch with since then. After 14 years of losing touch because of a falling out/misunderstanding/accident of youthful stupidity, I now only have two more weeks of wait till I see someone again who was one of my best friends: so close, so adored. I kind of want to dance around my house with happiness and giddy glee. Often seen with a serious (or maybe worried?) look on his face, but he was also extremely silly and I found a bit of footage of him getting a bit crazy off some caffeine. The sound quality is not great, like I said, but this still makes me laugh (and yes that is me laughing in the video)...

(I'm hoping he'll forgive me for posting this all over the internet!)


  1. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    1. I'm curious what you're referring to.

      I don't change much, not really; I just grow up.

  2. I'm sure I'll forgive you for posting that....eventually. Someday. Probably.

    1. Ok, it's no longer clear to me how Google decides what to call me. Probably just weirdness from combining my Blogger profile with me G+ one. But still weird.

    2. Leo, Odwin, Jonathan... all the same person to me, no worries. :)