Sunday, January 8, 2012


Saturday morning began with feelings of hopefulness. I had so many things to accomplish over the weekend and I excitedly made plans for my day over coffee. Yet I didn't plan for Jamie being sick in bed all day. I changed all my plans to work in the yard into getting work done inside on my friend's floor coverings that I've been commissioned to create. That went well until my back hurt and I had to stop for a while.

Sunday morning feels judgmental. The weekend is half over, what have you gotten done? Will you be able to make up for your slackiness today? Yet Sunday morning inspired an amazing amount of productive work. I put in a few hours work in the basement: sorting boxes, throwing out garbage, filling boxes for Goodwill, figuring out what could be unpacked and brought upstairs. I found the box of old 8mm tapes I'd hoped to find.

Then I headed to World Ground Cafe for the knitting group I have been running. I realized they serve beer. I ordered a chai. My friend Raina showed up with her needle felting. A lady who happened to walk by us gave me her email address so I could let her know when we'd be there knitting again. A new person showed up with an amazing and beautiful sweater project that is going to require hours of weaving in ends when she's done. I finished Tina's hat.

Next Sunday there will be Church of Craft. I hope.

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