Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And Then Knitting Began...

I learned how to knit in 1997 while I was working at the Renaissance Faire in Blackpoint Forest. While Duffie worked security at night, I would sit nearby trying to learn from a book using whatever light I could get. I ended up royally screwing up that first project, a very simple rib knit stocking cap or 'beanie' that turned out to look more like a Rastafarian dready hippie hat, yet I wore it religiously anyways. You can see me wearing it HERE, though it doesn't show very well. (I think that link will only work if you're my friend on Facebook, sorry.) If you knew me then, you most likely saw me wearing it.

Later, back in Fresno, I met Meg at Ancient Pathways. (A store that is no longer a store.) She fixed a few of the problems I developed in my knitting from reading the left-hander's side of the knitting instruction book in the dark. Then I moved to Humboldt County, specifically Arcata, in the summer of the year 2000. My knitting got going, I improved, and even learned spinning and weaving as well.

Then knitting became very popular for a while and suddenly I was "cool"!!!

Now I write my own patterns, modify on the fly, rewrite the flaws I find in other people's patterns and hope to some day write about knitting and publish patterns (some day could start tomorrow).

So, this is basically an introduction to a blog post I am working on, which will include video (!!), about two new knitting skills I just learned.

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