Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two Paths Merged on a Wild Hill

I'm happy to begin this post with the good news: Jamie has finished moving and is now fully living here on the gypsy homestead with me and my kids.

During his moving, we had days and days of rain that just would not let up. The road was flooded and Jamie and I had to switch cars for a week. The mud out here was so bad that I couldn't go outside at all without nearly falling by slipping on it. Then the weather immediately switched to a heat wave. All the mud dried up but the extreme weather shift triggered my disability and I spent a few days unable to get much work done and using my cane to get around. I finally recovered after a couple days of rest and regained full mobility when the weather shifted again and we got snow! Snow! In April! I lost a few little plants that I had just put out, but thankfully not all of them. And THEN my van's battery died and the transmission started acting very strange. We replaced the battery and the van is now in the shop to see how bad the damage is. I am thankful that Jamie was here to help us get the van taken care of and get us home. We've got to do some juggling though to get through next week, the one week I have to drive into town every single day.

So, as if moving itself weren't stressful enough, the world hailed down on us even more stress. When things like this happen, I tend to believe it's a test of our strength and commitment. Through all of what has been happening, Jamie and I have been able to stay positive because we support and nourish each other. Our connection is very strong and we've now survived our first week of living together.

Last night we dined with Shannon and Morpheus and toasted to the occasion. Jamie and I proudly and happily live and work here together at Stone City Pagan Sanctuary. We are learning together the valuable homesteading skills we will use to feed and care for our family and we are serving our religious community by maintaining safe and sacred space here in these wild hills.

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