Monday, November 22, 2010

Like Always Camping

I walked outside this morning, a cup of hot black coffee in my hand, bundled in fleece and hand knitted wool. I left behind my cane and walked across the road to use the guest house bathroom. (I've been using my cane for walking assistance for the last week, so it was very nice to not need it) This morning was not as awe-ing as a few days ago when I opened my front door to find my yard and the surrounding mountains covered in snow, but it still had me breath-less at the beauty. The misty mountains were just a spectacular view for my still-sleepy eyes. I stood quietly, warming my hands on my coffee cup, remembering all of the times that I have been camping and woken up to a morning this beautiful and thought to myself "I wish I could live like this always."

Now I know why I was preparing for winter camping for years. It was not to go into the snowy wilderness for a weekend, it was to live in this trailer with my children for a winter or two. I am so glad that I am prepared for all three of us. Every day here is amazingly beautiful.

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