Monday, November 1, 2010

Finding A Homesteading Supply Store

Life has been so busy around here lately that I am only now able to write the post I had planned for a week ago.

The weekend before this last one, Jamie and I found ourselves on an adventure down highway 1 from San Francisco that resulted in us landing in the Felton/Ben Lomond area in the Santa Cruz mountains. We were on a search for a store that carried "homesteading supplies" and a little google search on the mobile internet found us a place called Mountain Feed & Farm Supply in Ben Lomond. The day was very wet and the rain was still coming down. The people at Mountain Feed & Farm Supply were friendly and happy to see us. They told us they'd just opened their home supplies section of the store where we found supplies for canning, making sausage, dehydrating, cheesemaking and other kitchen-y bits. The owner, Jorah, talked to us for a while. He's a super friendly guy, great energy. He let us know that they used to do alternative fuel there but don't any longer. He also made sure to let us know that they are able to order larger scale items like composting toilets (good to know!).

Jamie and I ooohed and aahhed over everything in that building and then moved on to the farm supplies where we found feeds, fertilizers and beekeeping supplies. Next was the pet building where I ended up buying compostable kitty litter to try out and, of course, some salmon-flavored treats for my pack of felines back home. After a good chat with the ladies working in there about homesteading and knitting by the fire on a rainy day like this one, we checked out the gifts building. I awed over the cute baby things and smelled the soaps and then we happily went back out into the rain, feeling as if we'd found a wonderful resource for the life we're building.

We plan to go back there when we need something they've got. We're happy to travel the distance to support a great business. So, if you're ever in the Ben Lomond area, check out Mountain Feed & Farm Supply. It's on Highway 9. They don't have a website, but you can find them on Yelp here: And if they don't have what you're looking for, let them know. They were very eager to hear what else customers would want them to carry. I have a list going that I'll pass on to them next time I'm there.

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