Monday, November 29, 2010

A Few Cons of Remote Rural Life

There is a lot that I love about the way I am living, but as we deal with a dysfunctional heater in the freezing cold, I am thinking about the things I do miss that I had before we moved here. Obviously, I miss living within reasonable distance of a store or shop that could fix the heater for us. Right now the heater is in San Jose with Jamie. Between he and Shannon, it's malfunction is a mystery and Jamie decided to take it to someone who could help. So I continue to warm the house up by cooking and baking a lot. It does work pretty well, since we live in such a small space, but I suspect a heater would be a better way.

I also miss having a washer and dryer. I have a ton of laundry to do and I find that the laundromat ordeal is tiring when you have to drive 45 minutes to get there. If it was just me, I think it would be far easier and more tolerable. But, with the kids and cats also living here and making things dirty, there is an overwhelming amount to do if I miss a week. If it was warm, I could wash some things here and hang them out to dry, but in this cold nothing is really getting dry that I hang on the line. I wonder sometimes if we will ever have a solar power system that can handle a washer and dryer and sigh longingly.

The third biggest thing I miss is having a social life. I really enjoyed spending time with friends knitting and sewing together or going out for coffee. It is entirely impractical for any of my friends who knit to pop in for a few hours for a Stitch & Bitch. I also can no longer hold learn to knit/sew sessions. I'm really bummed about this and I am hoping I can find some interest in Livermore at least to have a knit together meet up at the coffee shop, maybe on Sunday afternoons before I pick up the kids.

All of this really boils down to how far out in the middle of nowhere I am living. When I decided to move out here, I NEEDED to get out this far. It was so clear to me at the time and such a HIGH need, that I didn't see it easing up any time soon. Now that I am feeling more comfortable in my skin and more at peace with the events of my life, I am craving community. I can see that with my long-term plans, I need to be living close to a small town where I can find others who share my interests or near some of my knitting and sewing friends. I need a small town nearby with a yarn shop and a laundromat. (And by "nearby", I don't mean the relative "nearby" that Livermore is.)

As for the heater issue, I have already decided that if I was living in a house with a wood stove, this issue would not have even come up. I think the simpler machines are easier to maintain and I am honestly already tired of the half propane/ half electric appliances of modern RVs. The straight propane appliances seem easier to deal with, even with the unpredictable propane stove I was using before we moved the new trailer in. My future plans will include heat sources that are easier to maintain and use.

This isn't nearly as positive and optimistic as my usual blog posts, but it's honest and has been on my mind a lot lately. And despite it's negativity, I am actually NOT unhappy here. I see the pros and cons and I am trying to improve things where it is at all possible and am taking notes to be sure that I alter my long-term plans accordingly. My optimism is just part of who I am as an adult, perhaps as a balance to the pessimism of my youth. ;)

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  1. It makes one realize why holiday travel and festivals of light are such a key part of our winter rituals eh? I hope you can figure out some guests or camp outs or something after the rainy season!

    Hang in there....