Monday, October 4, 2010

Nature Runs The Show Here

Sunday, 5am-ish:
I wake up to the sound of thunder. Once my eyes are open I see the faint flash of lightning filling the trailer. Jamie and I lie side by side counting between flashes and crashes. He counts 15, I count 8. We drift back to sleep until a new sound starts: Rain. Suddenly my eyes snap open as I recall that my trailer is not ready for rain yet! The unfinished bathroom still needs the roof vent replaced and the window that is being held together by a clamp does not close yet! I jump out of bed and close all the vents and windows and then talk Jamie into going out into the rain with me to put a tarp over the back of the trailer. Together we are too short and the trailer is too slick and wet for either of us to accomplish much without a ladder. While Jamie uses a long pole to coax the tarp over the trailer, I look for ways to get on the roof. In the process I get completely soaking wet as my sweater is acting as a sponge! Finally, I am almost on the roof, the lack of coffee and breakfast is hitting me, I am cold and my body just does not want to try to scramble onto the roof. I look around and realize that the rain has stopped. *sigh* We go inside and put on dry clothes, make coffee and it doesn't rain again all day...

Monday, 00:30am:
Strange dreams wake me up. And then I see flashes of light outside. I crawl out of my warm bed to investigate. (Oh my it is cold!!) Over the mountains to the east, I see a lightning storm, constant flashes of light like explosions over the horizon. But no sound. I crawl back into my bed and hope it is not moving in my direction. I lie in bed, watching the flashes of light, wondering if I should wake the kids up so they can see the show too.

Monday, 9am:
The kids are awake now. We are all sitting on my bed. I have coffee. It is cold outside and huge fluffy gray clouds seem to barely scrape the rooftop as they pass by. I feel exposed here on this mountain, unable to hide from Mother Nature. I woke to the sounds of intense wind, wondering how much of my yard would be in disarray when the sun rose. I'm not ready to venture outside, but it looks relatively untouched from my bedroom window.
It's homeschool time now. Maia is working on her embroidery and Terran is working on a comic book about endangered species. Soon I will make breakfast, sausage and oatmeal to warm them up. And then we will clean the house and get the chores done to get ready to travel to Fresno tomorrow.

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