Thursday, September 16, 2010

Defeat of the Kitties

The screen door to my trailer is a bit inefficient. It latches by sliding a bolt over that catches on the door frame. It is an obvious homemade job following some sort of failure of the original latch. It necessitates a hole in the screen material in order to reach the latch from the outside. I really want to get a new screen door but in the meantime, this is what I have. It only took the big cats a few days to realize that the hole in the screen (which is about 6" x 6" roughly and has a piece of screen draped over it as if that will help) was the right size for them to just leap through. Yes, they are very graceful for their flabby size. Soon after, my kitten Stevia figured out he could climb the screen to jump out through the hole. So, sick of this escape madness one evening, I got a few small boards and screwed them together around the screen material, leaving a hole in the screen just big enough for small hands to reach in to get the latch. It looks like crap, seriously, but I was going for function out of desperate frustration. I have a roll of screen material. I wonder if I have enough wood to make a door...

So, anyways, Thursday morning I get up and start getting ready to head to town. Then I realize that the cats are STILL escaping the trailer. I am now quite sick of this game, as you can imagine. No amount of reasoning with the little fur balls conveys the idea that I am merely trying to prevent them becoming a snack for a coyote or mountain lion while I'm gone. So I grab a few boards and the screwdriver again. All the while I am thinking about how much I hate hobbling my house together like this. I'd rather take the time to make things nice AND functional. I don't want to live in a scrap wood shack.

Hopefully when I return home this weekend, all 4 cats will still be INSIDE the trailer and I will be able to take down the scrap boards and actually fix the problem in a more aesthetically pleasing manner.

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